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The Gentle Path to Inner Peace

Healing Trauma with
Nature-Based Remedies

The "Hooks of Trauma" Live In Your Body

Trauma does not simply live in our mind and emotions, it wiggles deep into the body and literally moves in and hangs around long after the trauma stops. That can be quite an "aha" moment for most of us. Trauma sticks around? Yes it does. It digs in that deep? Wow! That's how our internal systems always work - they protect us long after we need protecting.

There's a serious downside attached to trauma "moving inside". Trauma stored in our bodies makes us tense, keeps us stressed and sooner or later, it can really wallop us by making us quite ill. What's worse, trauma abruptly puts "barbed hooks" deep within us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. That means that trauma "latches on" and "digs in deep".

It is vitally important those "hooks" are gently released - never wrenched out.

What's equally crucial is releasing trauma "hooks" in a natural well-grounded fashion. That may sound a bit obvious, but here's why it's so crucial. We obtained those "hooks" because our internal systems went into overdrive in an effort to protect us. So by using gentle, natural means to release these "trauma hooks", we avoid pushing our internal systems into thinking our efforts to release trauma is yet another attack.

The Mind-Emotion-Body Trauma Tango

When we hide what should not be buried inside us, we become shadows of ourselves. 

Whether or not we are aware of this happening, it continually eats away at us and sends little messages throughout our body until our thoughts and emotions start to get the message that all is not well.

Why does this happen? Well, initially our conscious thoughts are attacked, then we experience emotional shocks and shortly after that the body starts accumulating the effects.

These "aftershocks" rebound and expand within us. When we don't respond as the body wants (by figuring out and managing to remove the cause of our stress or trauma effectively), our body amplifies and sends those messages back through our bodies and through our emotions to our brain. This can literally trip us up - again and again - as we struggle to cope.

This reverberating and amplified series of "trauma waves" creates only one message:"Please help me remove this misery."

The True Cost of Trauma

Unfortunately, we humans struggle with knowing how to handle the effects of trauma that is so widespread in today's society. Our purpose and even the evolution of the human species in this world never included an owners manual outlining a conscious understanding of how to respond to stress and trauma.

As a result, we struggle to identify and fix the trauma, and it can easily spiral downwards, making the issue more painful and deeply set.

So, we fall hard when trauma and stress occurs. It affects the mind, body, spirit and relationships. 

Our human tendency is to try and remain strong by smiling even when our deepest desire is to scream, cry, hide in a bottle of alcohol or whatever the distraction of choice may be. Fear and the panic it brings with it then sets in.

Many friends, family and folks you pass by on the street are living with their own private version of stress and trauma that leads to what Henry Thoreau called "Quiet lives of desperation." But I'm here to tell you that you're not alone, and there is a natural path to healing - a way to gently release those "trauma hooks", naturally, safely and effectively.

The Gentle Path To Inner Peace

When trauma hits us, we reach for a band-aid fix of something we may have heard about that might relieve the stress and misery. Our initial focus is trying anything to take the pain away and "feel better".

In reaching for increasingly bigger and more powerful solutions, we can so easily forget to go back to the most powerful route: Nature.

Sometimes the healing power behind nature based remedies in healing stress and trauma is simply overlooked. 

The primary value of healing trauma and stress with nature-based remedies is there are no harmful side effects. By using Mother Nature's healing gifts, we quickly tap into the body's natural healing process.

That's because most herbs contain ingredients that are regularly produced in the body when the body at its best level of health. We aren't introducing foreign substances - we are simply adding natural healing companions to our body's own incredible built-in healing processes.

Using a gentle healing path for inner peace is critical because trauma wounds don't heal the way you want them to, they heal the way they need to. It takes time for trauma to fade and the process of healing to authentically occur. We must be gentle with your wounds - and even more gentle with your heart.

During the natural healing process we'll help you build healthy boundaries, release toxic memories and begin healing the past to embrace the present.  There are three pillars to how we gently begin your healing...

My Process for Your Peaceful, Natural Healing

My approach to releasing trauma and stress is natural, gentle and tailored to you and your needs. And it's always respectful of your current situation and lifestyle. Above all, my guiding principle is to be kind and compassionate while helping you heal.

Healing Stress & Trauma
with Nature-Based Remedies

Genuine Understanding of You

When was the last time someone took the time and care to really listen to you and understand you? For most people, this is desperately missing. Wholehearted listening is the heart of my work.

Creating Remedies Tailored to You

I collect all of my herbs by hand and source other natural remedies with care. Each hand-crafted remedy is then uniquely tuned and matched to what your body needs to obtain optimum healing.

Holding Sacred Space for You

As your body begins to naturally harmonize itself, you'll begin feeling more moments of peacefulness. At this stage we'll start to gently touch and explore your painful memories and slowly release them.

Who We Serve

First Responders

These are the firefighters, ambulance drivers, police officers, military personnel, veterans, EMT's, paramedics and TSA officers who serve humanity and our country. I help these "wounded warriors" fight their most intimate battle - healing their body, mind and emotions.

Victims of Physical Trauma

These adults are the silent victims of our society, and include those who have been sexually and emotionally abused, accident victims with life-changing injuries and handicapped adults.

People in this group also include the forgotten, rarely noticed people such as mail carriers, delivery truck drivers and over-the-road semi-truck drivers.

Caregivers of Trauma & Abuse 

Specifically, these folks are the people who experience stress while giving care or educating victims of trauma and abuse in stressful situations.

These include teachers, doctors, nurses, healers, attorneys, hospice caregivers, sexual-assault advocacy workers. It also includes those who man hotlines for domestic/child abuse and sexual abuse.

About Dr. Debbie Engelmann

My purpose in life is simply to promote and help people achieve inner peace. 
This natural passion supports me as I gently guide others along their healing path to releasing difficult memories.

My fundamental principle in my healing practice is to be kind and compassionate while helping victims of extreme trauma and stress heal and find inner peace. 

I did not need to research or study how the emotional and physical wounds of trauma and extreme stress affects a person - I lived it for the first two decades of my life. With time, I healed. And that informs and inspires my practice. My daily mini-prayer is:

Sky Above - Earth Below - Peace Within

Dr. Debbie Engelmann

If This Resonates, Let's Have A Chat

At this point, I'd just like to reiterate that my purpose in life is simply to promote and help people achieve inner peace. Furthermore, I regard inner peace as being the birthright of all people.

If what you've read on this page resonates and you're looking for a way to release stress or trauma, I'd love to get to know you a bit and see if I can help you. 

That involves us having a confidential, nurturing chat, where I can get to know and understand a bit about you, and you can learn more about me and my work including how I can help you find that release and the inner peace you're seeking. 

To arrange a time that suits you, just click the button below. I truly look forward to our gentle confidential chat. 

Where you are at this moment does not determine where you can go...

it's merely where you've been.

Dr. Deb

Our Collaborations

From time to time, I collaborate with people who like me are focused on making a positive difference in the lives of others. When these partnerships relate directly to my healing work, I share them in case they have value for others.

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